Chateau la Chassagne

»MS Niagara«
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»Château la Chassagne «
Meeting Point

Casual luxury Cruises through Burgundy

- English speaking crew -

Vive la France! Discover the beauty of the Burgundy countryside while enjoying the French way of life on board the hotel barge MS Niagara, mother of the waters. It's a unique cruise experience with a top class service.

Lie back in your deckchair on the forward sundeck and watch the landscape pass by as a panorama movie. Only rarely does another ship cross the trail, so you have the water for yourself - isolated from the hectic world. Everything here is casual like in a Country Club. For example for your fitness: Cycle along the towpath by the canal with one of our trekking bikes. In the afternoon, the traditional tea will be served in the lounge or on the sundeck. Then just afterwards it's already "Happy Hour" (24/24) at the bar.

By choosing the sporty but luxury cruise with half-pension at lunchtime on board the MS Niagara, you will be sure to see all of the real Burgundy sights, with the wines and renowned gastronomy, culture and history, wealth of castles and abbeys.